A Different Kind of Bible Study

Psalm 104 | taught by Robin Bird

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Hello Explorer:

Let me tell you about my Wow! moment. 

I got super excited when I discovered Psalm 104 is bursting with the LORD's magnificent Work in Nature.  

Nature.  Wow!  That's just one of my many favorite subjects and I can't wait to share what I learned with you. So, pull up a milk crate and get comfy, and let's dig deep into Psalm 104.  

In this memorable and fun presentation, I explore the Four Spheres that are part of Earth.

The Atmosphere.  Most of the weather events happen here.  It also includes the endless planets, stars, and galaxies of the Universe. 

The Geosphere.  This is the foundation of the Earth and includes every rock and mineral from the tiniest grain of sand to the largest landform.

The Hydrosphere.  Every living thing needs water and all the water on Earth that can be stored in the oceans, glaciers, rivers, streams, groundwater or water vapor is here. 

The Biosphere.  This is where all living things (plants, animals, and bacteria) inhabit the Earth.  

The Bible is the LORD's Love Letter to Us

The Bible is such a gift and reading it becomes a way to connect with the LORD. His Word provides lessons for living, warnings, His promises, the message of Salvation, the greatest gift, and Hope. The more you read, the more you learn about the LORD. Our relationship with the LORD Jesus is the most important relationship we can have. 

Come join me and let's explore the LORD's magnificent Work in Nature!

   Robin  Bird
Robin Bird

Robin Bird loves to study and learn new things.  She teaches in a way that makes difficult subjects easy to understand.  Robin also has a great sense of humor and shares her sometimes "embarrassing" moments. 

email:  robin@robinbirdexplorer.com

Course Curriculum

A Different Kind of Bible Study: Psalm 104
Welcome to A Different Kind of Bible Study: Psalm 104
Psalm 104 The Bible is the LORD's Love Letter to Us
Psalm 104 is All About Nature!
Four Spheres Fact Sheet
Geosphere and Biosphere
Hydrosphere and Atmosphere
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The Atmosphere
Psalm 104 Atmosphere Bible Verses
Field Trip! How Big is the Solar System? Ready Jet Go!
Five Layers of Atmosphere
Clouds and Weather Nova's Cloud Lab
Extreme Weather National Geographic
High Five Me!
First Ornament: Atmosphere
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The Geosphere
Psalm 104 Geosphere Bible Verses
Foundations of the Earth
Field Trip! Volcanoes 101 National Geographic
Defining Gravity
Giant Panda Experiences Gravity!
All About Landforms
Woo Hoo!
Second Ornament: Geosphere
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The Hydrosphere
Psalm 104 Hydrosphere Bible Verses
The Deep
Interactive Water Cycle
Hydrography Video Number 2
You Go, Explorer!
Third Ornament: Hydrosphere
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The Biosphere
Living Things
Psalm 104 Biosphere Bible Verses
Boundless Biomes
Types of Biomes of the World Video
Map of Biomes in the United States
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Grassland Biome
Temperate Grassland
Tropical Grassland
Wild Donkey
Somali Wild Donkeys
Lions: Hear Them Roar!
Lions ARKive Video
More Great Lion Photos!
Sketch a Lion
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Desert Biome
Rock Badgers also called Rock Hyraxes
Rock Hyrax
Hyraxes in Action!
Rock Hyraxes are Ungulates!
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Forest Biome
Wild Goat
Amazing Footage: Goats Climbing on a Near-Vertical Dam (National Geographic)
Mountain Goat
Ricky The Fainting Goat!
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Marine Biome
Sunlight Zone
Twilight Zone
Firefly Squid
Midnight Zone
Dive In! Splash and Bubbles Ocean Explorers
Fourth Ornament: Biosphere
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The LORD Provides for the Birds Psalm 104: 12
The Lord Provides for the Birds
Ravens (Corvus corax)
Bald Eagles (Haliaeetus leucocephalus)
Bald Eagles
Mourning Dove (Zenaida macroura)
Mourning Dove
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The Lord Appointed the Moon for Seasons (verse 19)
Why Do We Have Seasons?
Seasons Coloring Page - Winter
Seasons Coloring Page - Spring
Seasons Coloring Page - Summer
Seasons Coloring Page - Autumn
Why Does the Moon Change Shape?
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Bonus Content
Persian Onager: Wild Ass of the Bible
Wild Kingdom: Capture the Onager
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Photos, Images, and Videos
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